Friday, March 22, 2019

Logan Dental Clinic
(Active duty assigned to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and WTU are assigned
to the FBCH “Oral Maxillofacial/Dental Clinic)

Clinic Location
9225 Doerr Road, Bldg 1220
Fort Belvoir, Virginia  22060
Phone: (571) 231-6004/6005/6006

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday: 0715-1600
Logan Dental Clinic is closed on all Federal Holidays
and select days for training

Our Goal: To assist Active Duty Service Members in obtaining the dental care necessary to obtain and maintain optimal oral health.  Our staff of dental professionals is capable of providing routine dental care and some specialty care for Active Duty Service Members stationed in this area.  We look forward to serving you.

Dental Sick Call Screening/Triage: 0715-0730 hours.  Based on the severity of your situation, you may be treated the same day or you may be scheduled for treatment in the near future. Because only one dentist is scheduled, per duty day, to treat dental Sick Call in the early morning and all other dentists are already scheduled with routine appointments, walking in after 0715 may require you to wait a significant amount of time before being evaluated.

After-duty hours dental EMERGENCY (trauma; large facial swelling; difficulty breathing or swallowing):  Report to the Emergency Room at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
(571) 231-3124 / 3126.

Annual Dental Exams: Our goal is to provide a scheduled annual dental exam and “simple cleaning” at the same visit. Walk-in annual dental exams are no longer available at Logan Dental Clinic. To schedule your “dental exam/cleaning” appointment call: (571) 231-6004/6005/6006.

In and Out Processing Hours:
Monday – Thursday 0800-1100 and 1230-1500
Friday – 0800-1100 and 1230-1430

To in-process Logan Dental Clinic, you must turn in your Dental Record and a copy of your current orders assigning you to Fort Belvoir.  Your Dental Record will be screened and if you require an annual dental examination, you will be appointed for exam/simple cleaning appointment in the near future. 

To out-process Logan Dental Clinic, you must present with a copy of your orders and your clearing papers.

Routine Treatment: All patients must have a current (< one year old) dental examination documented in their Dental Record, prior to being scheduled for routine dental treatment, to include “cleanings”. After completing your dental exam, active duty personnel may make appointments by phone or in person. To make an appointment by telephone, you must be a "Patient of Record". To schedule an appointment by phone, call: Phone: (571) 231-6004/6005/6006 during normal duty hours.

Addressing Your Concerns: We urge you to utilize the patient comment/suggestion survey that will be e-mailed to you after every dental appointment. This helps us monitor service and identify potential problem areas. We have benefited from the wide range of experience offered by the diverse backgrounds of the personnel from all services assigned to this area and welcome your input.

If you have any problems or questions, we highly encourage you to use the chain-of-command to voice your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact the clinic NCOIC followed by the Officer-in-Charge.

If after talking with the Logan Clinic leadership, you feel that your concerns have not been addressed, contact the Patient Representative, at (301) 677-5920/5715. You may also ask to speak with the Fort Meade DENTAC Executive Officer at (301) 677-6972, or the Fort Meade DENTAC Commander, at (301) 677-7978. (Note: Logan Dental Clinic is part of the Fort Meade Dental Activity and is not in the chain of command of the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital)

Other Than Active Duty Dental Care (Family Members/Retirees): As most of you know, with the downsizing of the past few years we are, unfortunately, pretty much out of the business of other-than-active-duty dental care. Family members of active duty personnel eligible for the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) are required to utilize the program. This includes emergency care, since the TDP provides coverage for palliative emergency treatment. Retirees and their family members are encouraged to enroll in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (DELTA SELECT USA) Phone # 1-888-838-8737. Family members of active duty personnel not covered by the TDP, retirees, and family members of retirees may be provided care on an emergency/space available basis. Unfortunately, at our present and expected staffing level, space available care is essentially unavailable.

TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan (FMDP) for Eligible Family Members of Active Duty Personnel: Effective 1 April 1993 and as directed by law, the Army Dental Care System curtailed dental care for other-than-active-duty (OTAD) personnel. Beneficiaries enrolled in the TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan (FMDP) will not receive services covered by the plan in U.S. Army Medical Command Dental Treatment Facilities. The TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan is a voluntary program for spouses and eligible children of active duty members of the seven Uniformed Services. (Note: Active duty service members are not covered under this program.)
The TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan does cover routine and specialty dental care on a full or cost-sharing basis. Enrollment for your family members is accomplished through your Military Personnel Office (not Logan Dental Clinic). The TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan provides coverage for dental emergencies during and after dental office business hours. Palliative dental care (treatment of oral conditions requiring immediate dental care) is a covered benefit. For information concerning emergency dental treatment, Enrollment forms and other details of the Tricare/MetLife Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan may be obtained at

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