Friday, March 22, 2019

Belvoir Eagle

Photos For Publication

Action, action we want action! Photos for the Belvoir Eagle are most interesting when we see the winner of the 10K crossing the finish line, as opposed to the winner holding the trophy. A good motto for photos is "If you're shooting the award ceremony, you missed the event."

Color or black and white images may be submitted. We prefer to have computer images, which can be submitted via disk or email. If computer images are not an option please submit a print. If you would like the print returned to you write your name and address on the back of the photo.

When shooting an event take pictures from different angles and different perspectives, and we need to see faces. Also remember to take vertical as well as horizontal shots.

Submitting your photos in a timely manner is essential to getting your event in the paper. If the shots for the Mother's Day breakfast make it to our office in mid-July they probably won't end up in the paper. Also remember to identify the people in the photograph, along with the ages of any children under 18, and describe what is happening in the photo. Please include your name and telephone number so we can call you with any questions. 

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