Fire and EMS Emergency:

Law Enforcement Emergency:

9-1-1 (transfer from Fairfax to Fort Belvoir Will Occur)

Business Occupancy:  
Fire & EMS Emergency
9-1-1 (Belvoir Hardline Network)

Fire & EMS Emergency:
Law Enforcement Emergency:

Fire & Emergency Services Dispatch Non-Emergency:

Law Enforcement Dispatch




Fire Marshal’s Office

9701 Gunston Rd, Fort Belvoir VA 22060

Phone # (703) 805-2091

As first responders to fires, public safety and medical emergencies, Fort Belvoir Fire Department dedicate its effort to provide for the safety and welfare of the public through preservation of life, health, property, and the environment.

The Department advances public safety through its training and education programs. The timely delivery of these services enables the Fire Department to make significant contributions to the safety of Fort Belvoir.

There are 4 Fire Stations on Fort Belvoir.  Address and phone numbers are listed below.

Fire Station 463
(Fort Belvoir North Post)

6100 Abbott Rd
Fort Belvoir VA 22060
Phone # (703) 806-6912

Fire Station 464
(Fort Belvoir North)

7130 Barta Rd
Springfield VA 22153
Phone # (703) 806-1911

Fire Station 465
Fort Belvoir South Post)

9701 Gunston Rd
Fort Belvoir VA 22060
Phone # (703) 805-4911

Fire Station 466
(Davison Airfield)

8951 Gavin Rd
Fort Belvoir VA 22060
Phone # (703)806-7091


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