Friday, February 22, 2019

Have an idea to share? PEO Soldier looking for submissions

By PEO Soldier

Every Soldier has the chance to submit ideas of commercial, off-the-shelf items directly to the Soldier Enhancement Program and potentially have their recommendations issued to Soldiers. Personnel are also encouraged to submit items for government-off-the-shelf and non-developmental items.

Review panels meet twice a year and welcome year-round submissions. Online submissions take about five minutes and require an item name; description and purpose; technical specifications; how it enhances Soldier combat capabilities; and where to find the item. Items submitted for SEP consideration must be able to be worn or carried by the dismounted Soldier.

For more than 25 years, SEP’s main purpose is to increase the combat effectiveness of dismounted Soldiers. SEP is an enduring process designed to help the Army move at “the speed of industry” by using a “Buy, Try and Decide” method. SEP will buy and evaluate the item to reduce the time from initial submission to Army-issuing to Soldiers. 

Since FY12, SEP approved more than 142 Soldier-submissions for further evaluation. Previous approved submissions for SEP include a solar charger blanket; the M110 semi-automatic sniper system; clip-on sniper night sight; combat shotgun enhancement kit; squad common optic; extreme cold-weather socks; parachute electronic activation device; fuel handlers coveralls and gloves; and an individual combat shelter. 

Anyone can submit their recommended item through the PEO Soldier website,

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