Monday, October 22, 2018
Last Updated: Friday, May 12, 2017

ID card section serves many, while systemic issues exist

By Adrienne Anderson
Staff Writer

It’s aggravating to wait in long lines only for the DEERS/RAPIDS system to go down, and the staff at the ID Card office in Building 213 understand.

Belvoir’s ID Card Facility sees more individuals daily than surrounding locations, said James Kennedy, ID card supervisor and site security manager. People come from all over the place and, on any given day, there are as many as 64 appointments, depending on available staff.

Each day, the facility sees more than 100 customers, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Between the number of customers with unique needs and an unpredictable system, personnel at the ID card facility are aware of customers’ frustrations.

When the DEERS/RAPIDS system goes down, it’s not just at Belvoir, but at every location the system is used, Kennedy said. When this happens, the staff tries to work quickly to solve the issue, although, typically, most of the system’s problems are on the back end. At that point, ID card personnel have to, in turn, be patient with the people fixing those systems, too. DEERS represents the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Registry System.

There are some things customers can do to alleviate frustrations for themselves and others. Make sure you call ahead or visit the website to ensure you have the required documents and information before heading in. The website lists acceptable forms of identification. Make sure you have at least two valid forms of ID at all times when getting services from the facility.

The ID Card Facility cannot use expired ID cards from Service members, even if they have documentation allowing them to drive with the ID card, said Sue Kohlbecker, site security manager. Expired drivers licenses are also not acceptable forms of identification.

People who are getting a first-time ID or renewing an expired ID for a family member have to come into the facility for vetting. Otherwise, those needing IDs can fill out a DD 1172-2 form on the website before coming in. If the 1172-2 information is not in the DEERS system, however, the form must be notarized, Kohlbecker said.

Usually, it takes a staff member five to 15 minutes to help one customer, depending on that person’s needs, Kennedy said. However, when the system is slow, it takes them almost 45 minutes, decreasing the number of people they can help. Those with more complicated inquiries can also bog down the process more.

If there are any issues with your information in DEERS, it’s best to be honest and tell the entire story, said Amanda Rowell, super verifying official. If you have a complicated matter, call the facility to discuss it with them. That way, customers don’t have to deal with an up to two-hour wait because of any complications.

“If customers do their homework prior to coming, it will make it easier,” Kennedy said.

The facility is working to update their website to bring customers the most up-to-date information, including if there are any system issues that prevent them from being able to issue IDs, he said.

In the meantime, people who need ID cards can be prepared and be patient as the staff works to accommodate all of its customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, Kennedy said. Appointments are scheduled until 2:30 p.m. during the ID card section’s opening hours.

And, although office hours are until 4 p.m., if the building has too many people waiting, personnel will close the facility’s doors for fire safety reasons, Kennedy said. The office will also make time adjustments if they are short staffed.

More information is available by calling 703-805-5578. ID card appointments are available, using Internet Explorer only, through, or through

Online 1172-2 forms and ID card requirements are available through

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