Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Last Updated: Friday, August 04, 2017

212th MPs shoot straight at Quantico

By Adrienne Anderson
Staff writer

Soldiers from 212th Military Police Detachment participated in a required Alternate Pistol Qualification Course, July 26 at Marine Corps Base, Quantico.

Twenty-three people, including four from the Judge Advocate General office, were tested in four positions using the 9mm pistol, said Staff Sgt. Kevin Vaughn, operations NCO, along with Staff Sgt. Kerry Harris.

The purpose was to keep the Soldiers current on their weapons qualifications, Vaughn said.

The four positions in the course were standing; kneeling; crouching and a prone, unsupported position.

The prone position is typically the hardest for participants, he said.

“They’re down on the ground and the position is not supported. As you are looking at the target, it looks higher than what it is,” Vaughn said.

“So, you have to get a high position by getting on your elbows to be able to hit the target center mass.”

Everyone passed the course, he said. The unit tries to do the Alternate Pistol Qualification Course monthly to keep everyone efficient. They also do other qualifications such as M4 training and night-fire training.

To be able to perform your duties effectively, you have to keep your qualifications up, Vaughn said. If someone hasn’t used their weapons in awhile, they may not feel confident to use them when they need to.

“It’s very important that we have these ranges as much as we can to keep people comfortable with their weapons,” he said.

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