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Hello, and welcome to the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office – Mid Atlantic web page.

The Joint Personal Property Shipping Office - Mid Atlantic (JPPSO-MA) provides shipment, receipt and storage of personal property for military and civilian members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard moving into, within, or out of the National Capital Region including the District of Columbia and sizeable portions of the neighboring states of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our Area of Responsibility (AOR) also currently includes the following installations: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland; Fort Meade, Maryland; Fort Detrick, Maryland; and Fort Lee, Virginia.

JPPSO-MA provides traffic management services related to personal property/household goods (HHGs) shipments initiated by service members or DoD civilians through an online system called the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). Customers initiate their shipment via DPS, and complete required individual counseling and entitlements queries through their supporting installation’s Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO)/Counseling Office. On the left side of this web page, you will find a link (“PPPO”) to a list of the PPPOs/Counseling Offices servicing the AOR. If you need assistance in initiating a personal property action or have entitlement questions, please contact the PPPO/Counseling Office closest to you and speak with a counselor.

The DoD has directed all transportation offices to use DPS as the one-stop source for managing personal property moves. With DPS, the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), DoD’s lead for the Defense Personal Property Program, has oversight of Transportation Service Provider (TSP) information and related personal property damage/inconvenience claims in one location. In addition, DPS provides the convenience of 24/7 access to personal property shipment information and a conduit for the direct relationship between DoD members and their supporting TSPs throughout the entire moving process. Once your shipment is initiated and a TSP is assigned, JPPSO-MA is available to assist you if issues arise that cannot be adequately addressed by your TSP.

Additionally, DPS supports service members who personally move their household goods on military orders. The Personally Procured Move (PPM, which replaced the former DITY move program) gives service members a choice. They may elect to personally move some or even all of their personal property and receive an incentive for doing so. Using this option, service members are entitled to receive 95% of the "best value" cost that the government would have paid to move the HHGs. Service members can also hire a commercial moving company to move their goods and be reimbursed. However, the reimbursement will not exceed the "best value" cost of what the government would have paid to move those same HHGs. If you have any questions on the PPM program, please contact your supporting PPPO/Counseling Office for assistance.

If you need to contact JPPSO-MA to discuss a current personal property shipment or storage lot, the JPPSO-MA Customer Call Center can be reached at commercial (703) 806-4900 or DSN 656-4900. Customer support personnel are available Monday through Friday, 0800-1630 . The Call Center is closed on weekends and Federal holidays. Also, you can contact JPPSO-MA via email through the JPPSO-MA website ( During the Peak Personal Property moving season (annually April - September), we receive an extremely large volume of calls, and thus you may experience longer than usual wait times. Every move is important to us, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Please remember to complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) after your entire move (unaccompanied baggage, HHGs, non-temporary storage, etc.) is complete. The CSS is the primary tool used by SDDC in rating overall carrier performance and allotting business opportunities to TSPs. As a customer, you can assist in improving the quality of personal property moves by providing your honest opinion of the service you have received. Every survey completed will enhance the overall program.

Thanks for your service, and good luck in your next endeavor!

Mr. Mark S Rice
Deputy Director, JPPSO Mid Atlantic/APPLE

9325 Gunston Road . Suite N110 . Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5580

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