Operations Security (OPSEC)

In operations security, every bit of information is like a puzzle piece. When alone, that piece of information may seem unimportant, but when matched with other information the entire puzzle is complete. Our enemies can analyze these pieces of information to put together the big picture of military action in any operational environment.

Our growing reliance on electronic communications has become one of our greatest threats to OPSEC. Small bits of unclassified information from telephone conversations, e-mails, text messages and small talk may put military operations, the lives of servicemen and women, the lives of your children and yourself in jeopardy. We must balance our fundamental right to freedom of speech with our responsibility to protect our critical information. A little effort will make it harder for our adversaries to gain valuable information that could be used against us.

If you would like additional information on operations security or the kind of information you and your family should not be discussing in public, please contact the Operations Security Officer at 703-805-3372.