US Army Pregnancy and Postpartum
Physical Training (P3T)

Enhance YOUR readiness and morale during pregnancy and postpartum with safe and effective physical training that assists you in meeting your mission of “Fit for Duty.”

What is P3T and what is the purpose?

The Army P3T program is a specialized Army physical training and education program developed with Soldier-moms in mind. The P3T program provides a safe setting and trained leaders to assist Soldiers in making adjustments to their exercise regimen as pregnancy progresses, and teach special skills that will help with delivery and recovery. It also provides emotional support and encouragement through group activities with other Soldiers who are expecting or recently delivered.

P3T encourages healthy women who are pregnant to exercise moderately for at least 30min most days of the week throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Designed in accordance with American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologist guidelines, this program safely and effectively meets the specific needs of the Soldiers during pregnancy and postpartum. The program also provides education and instructional materials to perform safe, standardized physical training at home during your maternity leave or when in remote locations. By exercising regularly throughout pregnancy and postpartum, it can reduce the impact of pregnancy on your fitness level and help you maintain your readiness for duty. Enrollment and participation in the P3T Program is mandatory by Army Regulation for eligible Soldiers once medical clearance has been given by your healthcare provider.

What is the Army policy that guides exercise during pregnancy and postpartum?

    AR 350-1 Army Training and Education
    AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness
    FM 7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training


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