What are the benefits to P3T?


What is P3T and what is the purpose?

Regular exercise during pregnancy benefits you and your baby in these key ways:          

      • Reduces back pain
      • Eases constipation
      • May decrease your risk of gestational diabetes, pre eclampsia, and cesarean delivery
      • Promotes healthy weight gain in pregnancy
      • Improves your overall general fitness and strengthens your heart and blood vessels
      • Helps you return to pre-pregnancy weight
      • Positively affects the health of your unborn child.
      • Maintaining cardiovascular fitness in pregnancy can reduce pregnancy fatigue
      • In some cases, may reduce the length of labor pushing time and make labor and delivery easier.
      • Encouragement through group activities provides emotional support, shared space for information sharing, and validates common experience among expectant and newly delivered mothers.
      • Support for those with deployed spouses.
      • Your knowledge will be increased as an expectant or newly delivered mother while attending educational classes by subject matter experts. A wide range of topics will be covered to include nutrition, early breastfeeding,  breastfeeding as active duty Solider, new born care, early childhood development, postpartum recovery, and gynecological topics to include contraception options that are compatible with and without breastfeeding. 


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